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KYLEX Botanicals is rooted in Lexington, Kentucky with access to some of the most fertile land in the state, if not the country. Once renowned for hemp production, the nutrient-rich soils of Lexington and the surrounding bluegrass region provide the perfect climate for the hemp plant to thrive abundantly - this is the inspiration behind the “KYLEX” brand. As a company, we are dedicated to sustainable, organic farming practices, priding ourselves in purchasing the highest quality raw hemp material to produce the purest, plant-based botanical extracts. We are committed to our farm partners, and to the advancement and growth of the domestic hemp industry from our Kentucky roots.

Our Products

The highest quality legal hemp-derived CBD product formulations.

Kylex RT (Ready for Tincture)

Available in Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Forms with a % of additional carrier oil added so the oil is free flowing and ready to be bottled as a tincture. Our Full Spectrum is our most minimally processed oil and contains a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and chlorophyll.We take our crude oil, then de-wax and decarboxylate it. That’s it.
Carrier Oil Options: MCT Oil, Olive Oil, and Hemp Oil.
Flavor Options: Lemon, Orange, Mint
Standard Dosages: 250MG/30ML, 1000MG/30ML 1500MG/30ML
*1 KG Active Cannabinoid Content Minimum Order Quantity.
Custom Formulations Available

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Kylex NDD (Distillate)

Kylex NDD (Distillate) – 80% total cannabinoid content or greater (Mostly CBD and ~ 5% of the concentration is minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC) and 0% THC. As the industry evolves and expands at lightening speed, it is clear the masses want CBD products. Not everyone wants to get high. And mass retailers will not want to have any risk on their shelves. The solution is to remove the THC while maximizing the full range of cannabinoids.

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More products available. Request more details on our product inquiry page.
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Ask us about Custom Formulations. Samples and Test results for all products are available upon request.

Data Driven Complete Life Cycle Processing

Kylex Botanicals core proprietary process combines multiple extraction procedures, clean transfer protocols, advanced distillation, and routine quality control testing to provide our customers with pharmaceutical grade hemp products such as, but not limited to, cannabinoid distillates, isolated terpenes,and whole hemp extracts without THC.

Our Commitment

At the heart of it all is Kylex Botanicals’ commitment to the future of hemp, especially with its rich history in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kylex is committed to the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program and the resulting support to farmers and their families. Working closely with our generational farming partners, Kylex is proud to having built an organization that puts the Kentucky farmer first, while also establishing best practices in this industry.

Compliance Statement

Kylex Botanicals is a licensed grower and processor participant of the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Program, under which we have the legal permission to produce our high-quality, hemp-derived CBD oil, crystal isolate, distillate, and other cannabinoid and terpene-derived byproducts from Kentucky grown hemp crops. Our company strictly adheres to all rules and regulations of the Hemp Pilot Program and the 2014 Farm Bill. Learn more about CBD and compliance here.

Our Farmers

Utilizing best practices our farming partners are dedicated to growing the highest quality hemp in the country. The genetics we use are high in CBD, low in THC, and resistant to pathogens and pests.

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