Data Driven Complete LIFE CYCLE Processing

Kylex Botanicals core proprietary process combines multiple extraction procedures, clean transfer protocols, advanced distillation, and routine quality control testing to provide our customers with pharmaceutical grade hemp products such as, but not limited to, cannabinoid distillates, isolated terpenes, and CBD extracts without THC.


The laboratory professionals at Kylex Botanicals use state-of- the-art equipment, while keeping up to date with clean extraction procedures, performing all operations in designated clean rooms to produce medical grade hemp products. Here at Kylex Botanicals our team takes pride in our abilities to provide a myriad of cannabinoid/terpene concentrates to our customers without the stress of questionable product purity. All material is tested and recorded in our own lab for purity and contaminants such as mold, fungus, and pesticides, using multiple techniques, before processing, after extraction, and after refinement before product packaging.


We value providing our customers with not only the best hemp products available, but also a confident professional relationship offering advice and translation of quality test results, which are available to our customers upon request.


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